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Jobs in Ericcson-Services Engineer Front Office



·         To ensure process compliance for VAS processes.
·         Ensuring the required uptime and service levels for VAS nodes by effective O&M for the nodes.
·         Coordination with internal customers for smooth operation of VAS nodes.
·         Resolution of subscriber complaints and root cause analysis.
·         Report generation from VAS system as per customer requirement.
·         Business Configuration and planned work on VAS.
·         Implementation of new VAS products and testing of the same.
·         Implementation new schemes/tariff for VAS as per customer requirement.
·         Providing Technical support to regional teams for O&M support whenever required.
·          Emergency handling in the network.
·         Customer complaints handling forwarded by Local teams
·         Responsible for operation and maintenance (O&M) of VAS nodes and services
·         Meet or exceed the VAS O&M network availability targets.
·         Meeting the desired SLA’s
·         Abide by organization policies and directives.
·         To report security incident, weakness and malfunction as when it occurs.
·         The person responsible needs to ensure:
·         That security responsibility is properly understood and followed.
·         That security is implemented and maintained in accordance with Security and Risk Management directives


Competence Level

·         Ability to work in teams and motivate people
·         Ability to communicate effectively
·         Ability to adapt to changes and working in stress
·         Be customer focused.
·         Knowledge about internal as well as external customers, awareness of their situation and needs.
·         Effective communication skills
·         Telecommunication Knowledge/ Prepaid billing
·         Knowledge of SDP, SCP etc.

Education & Experience

·         Bachelor of Electrical Engineering / Telecommunication Engineering or Equivalent.
·         Minimum 1 year experience in NMC (preferably handling IN /VAS)
·         Knowledge of GSM and GPRS.
·         Good knowledge of UNIX and db environment.


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