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Lyris is seeking an Email Deliverability Consultant to be part of our Deliverability team,
managing delivery of email for customers around the globe.

Qualified candidates will investigate and work to resolve spam blocks and blacklist listings, and
monitor and interpret customer deliverability metrics. The Email Deliverability Consultant will
communicate with customers and represent recommendations for best practices on sender
reputation and inbox deliverability. In addition the Email Deliverability Consultant will work
with the Support, Operations and other internal teams to ensure rapid resolution of any delivery

• Perform and optimize the daily resolution of blocks, blacklist listings and direct abuse
complaints, including alerting customers and providing counsel on any practices that need
• Assist in the troubleshooting of escalation tickets submitted by customers and/or internal
• Monitor abuse and postmaster mailboxes and respond to recipient complaints
• Perform regular audits of delivery metrics, trending, reputation data, best practice compliance
and authentication results
• Assemble deliverability reports for DeliveryView consulting clients
• Monitor and manage Shared IP pools to maximize sender reputations and overall deliverability
• Work with dedicated IP customers on IP allocation strategies and reputation monitoring
• Troubleshoot and make recommendations for DNS settings including SPF, DKIM and DMARC
• Understanding of email compliant HTML, whitelisting, bounce rates and reason types, CAN-
SPAM and other email regulatory compliance and SPAM filter solutions Individual with prior
experience in deliverability operations
• Contribute to product recommendations, process-improvement efforts and technical reviews
• Improve documentation and other customer resources by recommending changes in online
and hard-copy documentation
• Stay current on deliverability and sender reputation trends in the industry and make
recommendations for higher performance of the platform

Desired Skills and Experience

Desired Skills and Experience
Minimum Requirements
• College Degree or equivalent experience
• Working knowledge of the email delivery ecosystem
• Superior Analytical skills
 Ability to understand complex concepts
 Ability to review large amounts of data and determine recommendations/build plan of
• Problem solving skills
• Team player, with ability to self-manage workload and be flexible for supporting a global
• Excellent communications skills – both written and verbal, able to communicate with technical
and business partners
Note: Business specific training will be provided on the job.

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