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Jobs in Action Against Hunger-Logistics Coordinator

General Objectives:
The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for all logistics (technical, procurement, supply, storage and managerial) aspects of the mission, including the support of current programming in Sindh and KPK provinces, the proper and speedy opening/closing of ACF bases/sub-bases in support of activities in Pakistan, and logistics/security assessments nationally.

The Logistics Coordinator is an integral and organic member of the national Incident Management Team (IMT) and implements security procedures as they are set by the Country Director and HQ.

Objective 1: National Management of Logistics

  • Working closely with the mission coordination team and HQ Logistics Adviser:
  • Organization and supervision of supply chain, ensuring programs and support departments nationally are supplied on time.
  • Organization, implementation, and monitoring the transition of the mission logistics procedures from Kit Log V2 to Kit Log V.3 and development of additional procedures if required; ensuring adherence to applicable donor procedures;
  • Oversight of proper stock management in Pakistan according to the Kit Log procedures.
  • Management of all mission equipment including planning/budgeting, procurement, allocation, tracking, and reporting. Organization and supervision of the fleet and its management (rental contracts, movements follow up, reporting, log book maintenance, fuel issues) in accordance with Kit Log and security and legal regulations.
  • Organization and subsequent supervision of information management and means of communication ensuring adherence to security procedures and the Kit Log.
  • Timely and responsive identification, rent, and necessary rehabilitation of ACF premises/facilities as well as their closure depending on program needs.
  • Organization and support to logistics assessments nationally as these are requested by the mission management.
  • Elaboration of the logistics aspects in the proposals (assessment of logistic needs, evaluation of the costs and feasibility for the supplies, draft of the procurement planning & logistic budget)
  • Development of mission logistics strategy
  • Performance of logistics audits and subsequent reporting

Objective 2: National Safety and Security

  • Application of security guidelines nationally as per rules and procedures set up and validated at mission level by CD and HQ.
  • Responsible for the formal and timely revision of national and local security plans and associated documentation (SOPs, MOSS, evacuation plans, constant companion, contact list) every three months with the support of the HoBs/Field Cos, CD and (if available) Security Officer(s).
  • Organization and rollout of trainings on safety/security for expatriates and national staff in collaboration with the CD, Field Coordinators and (if available) Security Officer(s).
  • Supervision of National Security Officer (if available) at capital level.
  • Briefing and debriefing incoming management staff on security procedures and safety issues related to context, movements and conduct.
  • Responsible for the proper hardening of ACF bases and guesthouses as per Kit Log and Security Plans’ requirements.
  • Under the supervision of the CD, follow-up of incidents reported in the mission as a member of the Incident Management Team (IMT) and execution of action points related to CD feedback on lessons learned.


Objective 3: Human Resources


  • Responsible for the proper management and direction of the logistics team on the mission.
  • Recruitment, organization of the logistics department (including security staff); forecast of the HR logistics needs and preparation of organizational chart updates as needed.
  • Capacity building and training of logistics/security team, particularly on  ACF and other donor guidelines/procedures
  • Overall technical support to and proper staff evaluation of logistics/security staff according to the timelines set by the mission.
  • Briefing of all new expatriates (security, movements, basic logistics) in collaboration with the Security Officers.

Objective 4: Reporting

  • Preparation and submission of Logistics monthly report (as per Kit Log) and submission to CD and HQ.
  • Preparation of reports on log/security assessments, field office openings/closures to CD and HQ.
  • Preparation of Logistics reports to donors in cooperation with AdminCo and CD.
  • Contribution to the development of mission Sit Reps

Objective 5: Representation

  • Representation of ACF to various stakeholders including local community members, authorities, other NGOs, companies and partners.
  • Participation in logistics-related meetings Log cluster and partners
  • Attendance (as agreed with CD) at capital level security meetings held by humanitarian coordination (UNDSS, UNOCHA, ICRC, etc.)
  • Organization of and chairing of Logistics department meetings and participation in ACF coordination and other meetings as requested


Level of study/specific qualifications/technical requested:

  • Advanced University degree (Masters) preferably in Logistics, Humanitarian Studies or similar.
  • Good general knowledge in IT, mechanics and engineering, radio and satellite comms.
  • Significant experience with INGOs in recovery and complex emergencies.
  • Proven management and coordination skills (HR, PCM, and stress management).
  • Proven ability to translate analysis and evaluation into operational planning and strategy.
  • Experience with donor communications.
  • Advanced knowledge of donors’ guidelines and procedures (ECHO, UNICEF, OCHA, CIDA etc.)
  • Ability to work in a mainstreamed manner and analyze/capitalize institutionalized information.
  • Good diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Disciplined and able to work and arrive at decisions autonomously and with minimal guidance.
  • Fluent in English (professional English).
  • Excellent drafting and written skills.
  • Good attention to detail.
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