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IP Core Planning Expert – Telenor – Islamabad

IP Core Planning expert shall be responsible to support service node integrations, MVI/IOT activities for running core network swap and also IP/MPLS swap project from NSN/Cisco/Juniper to ZTE. This Expert shall be responsible to provide all integration, configurations, testing, Data fills, and acceptance plans to be executed by swap team related to IP and security nodes.

Bachelors or Master’sDegree in the area of Electrical / Electronics / Computer Engineering / Computer Sciences or Telecom from a reputed University.

Responsible to coordinate as IP expert forexisting Cisco IP/MPLS network and upcoming ZTE network swap planning activities.
Responsible to plan all required integrations or configuration on IP/Security nodes for services nodes (CS, PS, VAS , OSS etc.) with existing and upcoming IP/MPLS network nodes.
Responsible to prepare integration plans, Data Fills, Required Configurations, Testing Procedures for existing IP Nodes (PE, P, RR, FWs, Switches etc.) and security nodes ( For example, Juniper Firewalls – ISG1000/2000 for Gn, Gi, Gp, BB and ISP FWs).
Shall be supporting on-going core network MVI/IOT activities to integrate with new ZTE CS/PS Core IP Nodes with exiting NSN CS/PS Core IP and security nodes.
Responsible to provide complete configurations & Data Fills for migrating existing routing, QoS and security configurations from existing IP nodes to new ZTE IP Nodes.
Shall be responsible to extract and understand existing configurations on existing IP Nodes and accordingly prepare plans, data fills and configurations for ZTE IP Nodes (Switches, Routers FWs and Gateways) with the support of ZTE Teams.
Responsible to attend queries for existing IP Nodes and configurations.
Responsible to provide details plans, data fills and configurations for migrating traffic from existing network to new ZTE network.

Functional Skills/Knowledge Areas:    
IP Expert for PS Core network and integration with other networks/nodes
Expert level working experience to plan integrations, testing of nodes and services.
Expert level skills to prepare required configurations for existing IP nodes and understand/extract running configurations/flows. Further should be able to translate these existing configuration/flows in configuration requirements for new IP nodes.
Expert level experience and understanding of IP/MPLS Core network, ISP Setup, Gateways. Knowledge of services nodes like CS/PS/VAS/OSS/VOIP/SBC etc. shall be plus.
Expert level knowledge and experience of working on Routing Protocols (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS etc.) and security techniques
Detailed Understanding of all services flows for mobile data services in 2G/3G network.
Good Project management skills
Strong Problem analysis, investigation and troubleshooting skills
Strong Interpersonal and communication skills (Verbal/Written/Presentation).
Ability to work independently under demanding situations

Application Deadline:     06-Jan-2013

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