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Executive Outbound / Outsourcing – Telenor – Islamabad

To ensure that the OSP is provided with the requisite knowledge and support to perform as per statement of work and monitor/suggest changes to improve the progress of the OSP.
To ensure smooth everyday operations of the OSP i.e., ensuring that SLAs are met.

To manage day to day Outbound and Inbound Operations (with major focus on outbound) at the OSP and ensure that all daily deliverables are met.
Assist and work with other CRD Support Units in ensuring that all capacity modeling, problem identification and rectification at OSP is done effectively and accurately.
Be the “go between” between TP and the OSP and ensure that all information that is meant to be transferred to the OSPs is transferred effectively and accurately.
To keep an eye on all operational processes and look for areas to improve customer experience/optimize efficiency of processes.
To highlight areas of improvement and offer solutions to resolve issues both in day to day work and also keep a view on the overall picture.
Identify the areas of development and design/recommend targeted training/coaching for effective and efficient delivery of service.
To coordinate with the required vendor for smooth running of operations.
To highlight personal interest in areas of growth and personal development for the business.
To identify/ highlight and suggest changes to inefficient and redundant processes to deliver FCR and a high quality of service.
To ensure the achievement of all individual and team targets/KPIs set by the department.
Ensure complete understanding of CRD processes, routines and policies.
Ensure all queries/Complaints generated by the team are followed up upon and are resolved within the specific Turn-around time or escalated for immediate resolution.
Ensure High Competency & Skill Level of the staff.

Application Deadline:     17-Feb-2013

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