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DynCorp International Jobs Aviation Life Support Equipment Technician

DynCorp International Jobs Aviation Life Support Equipment Technician: The Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Technician serves as focal point for all logistics and repair functions for all supplied ALSE, first aid kits and Night Vision Devices.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Inspects, instructs, services and certifies individual and crew equipment
  • Order, receive and inventory kits and components
  • Resolve shipping discrepancies
  • Ensure proper fit of crew member clothing
  • Maintain ALSE and NVD for DoS and DI personnel
  • Maintain computerized inventories and records to ensure timely and accurate compliance with inspection intervals
  • Technician provides instruction to contractor and host nation personnel regarding the proper use and care of equipment
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Knowledge & Skills

  • CMF 92 Supply & Services MOS series or other military/commercial equivalent (92R MOS preferred)
  • Must have working knowledge of aircrew and aircraft LSE requirements for extreme environmental and high risk areas of operation
  • Must be able to ascertain LSE requirements for a multi-type aircraft environment
  • Basic theory of flight and aircraft systems nomenclatures
  • Aircraft ground handling, movements, and hangar operations
  • Aircraft ground support equipment
  • Flight line/ramp safety procedures and aircraft fire-fighting procedures
  • Aviation maintenance data systems and associated documentation/forms
  • Life support equipment maintenance tools and tool control procedures
  • Principles of instruction
  • Seat kit survival components
  • Aircrew life raft and life preserver inspections/maintenance
  • Must have the ability to obtain and maintain a Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT) through Department of State Background Investigation is a condition of continued employment
  • Must possess or have the ability to obtain a U.S. Passport before assignment, this includes renewal and additional pages if applicable

Experience & Education

  • Minimum one (1) year verifiable experience as an ALSE technician
  • High school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Must possess a certificate of training as a school trained ALSE Technician

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must be able to walk and stand on level and/or inclined surfaces for up to six hours per day and sit for up to two hours per day
  • Must be able to climb stairs, ramps, and ladders and work stands
  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbow/knee and reach above/below shoulders
  • May be required to carry, push or pull up to 50 pounds
  • May be required to lift up to 50 pounds to height of four feet and be required to lift up to 35 pounds to height of 7 feet
  • Must be able to communicate by voice and detect sounds
  • Must be able to distinguish color and judge three dimensional depths
  • May be required to operate power vehicles, machinery, hand tools, ground support equipment, fork lift, etc.
  • Will be exposed to surface obstructions (ladders, stairs, etc)
  • May be exposed to rapid or extreme temperature changes, wind, and dust
  • May be exposed to chemical, mist, gas, vapors, ultra-violet and infra-red radiation
  • Will be exposed to loud noises
  • Must have minimum 20/100 near and far vision, correctable to 20/20
  • Also must be able to focus night vision devices (NVD) at a distance of at least 20 feet
  • Must not have physical restrictions or existing medical conditions that may prevent them from serving in a remote area with limited medical care
  • Be able to travel to and between remote location(s)
  • Travel to austere or inhospitable high stress environments may be required
  • Ability to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, including extreme weather conditions and rudimentary infrastructure may be required
  • May be exposed to extreme noise from turbine and jet engine aircraft
  • May be exposed to fumes or airborne particles; may be exposed to electrical shock hazards or work near moving mechanical parts, vehicles, and aircraft


  • May be required to travel up to 75%, CONUS and OCONUS Apply

DynCorp International Jobs Aviation Life Support Equipment Technician

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