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Cluster Coordinator Jobs,Pakistan

University degree in one of the disciplines relevant to the following areas: Public Health, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Hydrology, Sanitation Engineering, or a field relevant to international WASH related development assistance.
Two years of professional work experience in the UN or other international development organization and government. Field work experience.1

Under the supervisor of WASH Specialist and general guidance of the Chief of WASH, responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of WASH program in KP, the post is proposed to contribute to the provincial WASH KP /FATA program. Responsibilities include both regular program implementation and emergency responses in KP/FATA. The purpose of this post is to fill the vacant position and assist the program in WASH Cluster Coordinationand Information Management, under TA agreement for six months (initially).

The WASH Cluster will coordinate and seek to expand deployment of available humanitarian NGO partners to meet anticipated worst-case scenario needs, develop stand-by arrangements for surge capacity, standardize needs assessment methodologies, harmonize technical standards and maintain transparent accountability between Cluster members, as the Lead Agency, and information sharing between INGOs, NNGOs, government line ministries, UNICEF, and other stakeholders.

As IMO, the same post will be accommodated within the WASH team at UNICEF Peshawar and will liaise regularly with the WASH Cluster members, NGO Co-Coordinators and the Information Management Systems unit of concerned government line departments. The position will provide technical support in response to information needed by cluster partners and in fulfillment of the clusters key performance accountabilities to the Humanitarian Country Team.

Programme Management:
Convene WASH cluster coordination meetings, chaired by government and co-chaired by WASH Cluster Lead (UNICEF), facilitate information management and represent WASH Cluster in Inter-agency coordination meetings. Prepare and disseminate cluster meetings minutes in consultation with supervisor. Maintain an updated contact list of partners, WASH Cluster State Focal Persons, donors, and other parties interested in WASH information. Maintain and further develop the WASH database on the 4Ws (who does what, where, and when), monthly WASH activities and emergency WASH response mechanism.
Extend capacity mapping of cluster partners and facilitate capacity building through utilization of available capacity within WASH Cluster members. Prepare monthly analysis of WASH activities at provincial level, and emergency WASH response information for situation reports. Streamline methods to share information by maintaining the WASH Cluster website and by using other web-based resources, e-mail, written reports, and verbal feedback at cluster meetings. Develop an updated IM strategy to guide activities and support technical problem solving.
Coordinate with other clusters and their Information Management Officers to ensure complimentary data products with their IM systems and cross-sectorial analysis of information on humanitarian response.

Policy Development:
Participates with UNICEF/government/and other partners in the development of strategies, methodologies and identification of new approaches for improving programme delivery, with emphasis on advocacy, community participation and social mobilization.
Coordinate with all WASH stakeholder for a joint response and avoiding gaps and duplication. Coordinate with relevant UNICEF information management staff to ensure WASH Cluster information systems are linked with internal UNICEF systems. Work jointly with OCHA to produce up-to-date maps of WASH needs and responses. Support the cluster to collate and develop an archive for WASH assessments and interventions, and program data and information from partners and Government.
Facilitate the Cluster members in fund generation for WASH needs and donors visits and facilitate the process of proposals and projects evaluation (for funds channelized through cluster mechanism) .On regular basis, produce summary reports and analyses for review and consultation with the Cluster Coordination team. On an ad-hoc basis, produce summaries, analyses and briefings based on WASH information in the country.

Programme Efficiency and Effectiveness: Enhance programme efficiency and effectiveness through evidence base approach and implementation follow-on, including monitoring UNICEF inputs, local conditions and resources, flow of supply and non-supply and WASH programme status. Develops the work-plan for the sector and monitors compliance to ensure objectives and targets are met and achieved.

Liaise with concerned government ministries for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to ensure WASH Cluster information is provided to the government in appropriate and helpful ways and government’s support is incorporated in humanitarian response. Collect and analyze data for the Situation Analysis, program/project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of IDP Emergency WASH response at the Provincial level. Analyze program implementation reports and evaluate against established program recommendations and plans of action. Prepare data tables, graphs and other statistical data. Report outcome of analysis and proposes for corrective actions.
Assist in preparation of MOUs and follows up on implementation and recommendation of the agreements with appropriate government departments and partners.
Provide assistance and guidance to government officials and other partners in planning, monitoring and evaluationof projects. Communicates with local counterpart authorities on project feasibility and effectiveness including monitoring the flow of supply and non-supply assistance.

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