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Chartered Accountant – Karachi

ervices of fund managers and date base manager for expo Pakistan 2013 (September 26-29-2013) ITB || TDAP- 143 (1)/ (Expo-013)

Building on the success of “expo Pakistan” events since 2005, the trade development authority of Pakistan (TDAP) ins organizing a four (4) day event “expo Pakistan 2013” from 26th September to 29th September, 2013 to project export quality products of Pakistan to the foreign buyers and also provide an opportunity to the Pakistan producers of high quality products to introduce their brand in local Pakistan markets.

The exhibition will be set up in the 6 hall at the Karachi expo centre.
TDAP is seeking services of a chartered accountant firm/ management consultancy firm which would be required to manage collections, payments and accounts of funds related to the event and management of data on oracle based system.
bidding documente and other related information for the purpose can be obtained, on a written request along with a pay order of Rs. 500/ ( non-refundable) in favor of “accounts officer EMDF, TDAP Karachi” during working hours starting from Thursday 16th may to 30th may 2013, from the expo Pakistan cell at the address given be low.

The firm will submit their sealed technical and financial proposals in separate envelopes clearly marked as “technical proposal” and” financial proposal” in bold and legible letters to avoid any confusion.
3.    Financial proposals should accompany a bid security equivalent to two percent                                      (2%)            of the bid amount in the form specified in the bidding documents.
4.   Single stage 2 envelope procedure will be used for the open competitive bidding.

Sealed financial proposals of only those companies will be opened which have

Been technically qualified against the parameters defined in tender documents.

Sealed tender documents shall be submitted atest by 12:00 noon on Friday, 31st may 2013 with the expo Pakistan cell and the technical proposals shall be opened on the same day at 1:00 p.m. in the presence of representatives of the participating firms.
trade development authority of Pakistan reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to annul the bidding process at any time, however, reasons for rejection or annulling bid process will be communicated to the concerned bidder(s) in accordance with the procurement rules.aaaaaaa

Rashid Hussain assistant director Karachi expo cell

Trade development authority of Pakistan ministry of commerce- government of Pakistan 3rd flood, block –a- finance & trade centre, shah rah-e- Feisal, Karachi.

Tel: 021-99206472, 99201501 fax: 021-99206474

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