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C1 Administration Officer / Deputy Program Manager – DFID – Karachi

C1 Administration Officer:
Salary Range [Gross Rps43.888-Rps79.215permonlh]

B1 Deputy Program Manager
Salary Range ( Gross Rps 117, 839-Rps 236, 489 per month)
Qualification / Skills and Experience Required:

Please Note: The link will remain active from Monday 04 February 2013 to1th February 2013 Please follow these main links to submit your application:
1)   Click on the above mentioned weblink
2)   Read the job description for the position and the required competencies from the document titled ‘DFID   Pakistan   –   C1    Job   Description’ available   on   the   link  and  for the   B2   post “DFID Pakistan- B2 Job Description’
3)   Fill out the form titled, ‘C1 Job Application’ and for the 82 post, B2 Job Application’ with the requested details.
4)   Completed application form and resume should be sent to DFID Pakistan at: [email protected] .

Closing Date for all the application is 18th February 2013, Midday

DFID Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer; applications are welcomed from all and actively encouraged from women and ethnic minorities.

Important Notice:
1.   Only short listed candidates will be called for an interview.
2.   Applications received without the DFID Pakistan application   form   and   the   resume   will   be automatically deleted.
3.   Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

How to apply?
You can apply for the post by connecting to the internet and following this link.

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Get Latest Jobs Via Email

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