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Assistant Manager Public / Government Affairs – Telenor Pakistan

Assist in managing the business and regulatory environment to achive predictability; partcipate in meetings with the regulators, Law enforcement agencies on the one hand and Interface expeditiously with the CA team and business functions like S&D, and Law on the other to ensure that TP is not discrimiated against in any way.1

Ensure effective stakeholder management at all on the provincial level so that business advantages can be scured for TP and contribute to the achievement of CA functional objectives as a team member.

Key Responsibilities:
-Develop the work prirorites & a strategic approach to and ensure delivery of public affairs work; Stay ahead of the curve in a fast moving regulatory and enforcement environment.
-Develop excellent relationships with political and policy contacts in Stakeholder organisations, and with officers in the relevant government agencies, Local authorities, and political organisations to enhance mutual understanding.
-Create a monitoring network to follow the legislative and administrative process in order to identify opportunities and threats.
-Assist in establishing & enhancing contacts in legislative decision making chain, i.e., Sindh Assembly, political parties & governmental bodies to open and maintain communication channels between the company and key decision-makers.
-Work towards establishing close liaison with the Key stake holders in the non government sector with the objective of garnering and mobilizing support for business as needed.
-Work towards designing & implementing social, cultural and scientific activities targeting, decision makers in government, key people and opinion leaders.
-To work on maintaing updated information on the buisness environment from internal and external sources, comply with internal information and reporting requirements.
-Develop channels for public engagement & Identify opportunities for events to support public affairs and ensure their delivery.

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