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Admin / Security Assistant – UNDP – Hyderabad

University degree in accounting, finance social sciences or related fields with 5 years of experience in related fields.
6 Years(• Good secretarial skills and good organizational capacity; • Knowledge of UNDP business, operations and programming cycle (preferred) Core Values & Ethics Demonstrates commitment to UNDPs mission, vision and values. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity and able to work in a multinational environment. • Knowledge in administrative and accounting procedures of the Government • Good computer skills in common word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), and accounting software. • Appropriate English language skills, both spoken and written.)

The Amin and Security Assistant (ASA) will be required to assist the NC and PA in day-to-day administrative work at office and in the field. He/she will have to roles i.e. Administration and Security Assistant and will report to NC.

As Administration Assistant, he/she will;
– Undertake all preparation work for procurement of office equipment, stationeries and support facilities as required;
– Take care of project telephone, fax, and email system;
– Maintain petty cash transactions. This includes writing of receipts, preparation of payment request form, receipt and disbursement of cash and clearance of advances;
– Maintain the inventory file to support purchases of all equipment/assets.
– Supervise office premises, equipment and vehicles, arrange field visits for NC, CO Delegates and external visitors
– Draft routine correspondence and communications
– Maintain all files relating to admin and finance.

Apply By: Mar 27, 2013

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Get Latest Jobs Via Email

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