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Academic Jobs – Royal Commission for Yanbu – Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Royal Commission for Yanbu

Academic Job Vacancies

The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu was established as an autonomous organization of the Saudi government on 21 September 1795. Its declared mission is to plan, develop and manage petrochemicals and energy-intensive industrial cities through successful customer focus and partnership with investors, employees, communities, and other communication Services, and school and college education services.

In the sphere of higher education, an industrial and a university college were established in both cities in order to provide industry-oriented post-secondary education to the two communities. Yanbu Industrial College (YIC) and Yanbu University College (YUC) offer various degree programs in the colleges. The two colleges seek to employ faculty of the highest international standards.

If you think you belong to this category of academics, please apply on line by visiting our website at: http://www.yic.edu.sa/rcjobs

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